What is FUP?

Fuck U Putin has seen it all: from the outright aggression meted out on students exercising pressing their right to peaceful protest in November 2013, to the slaughter of pro-democracy demonstrators on Maidan in February 2014, to the continued violence taking place in the east of Ukraine supported and promoted by Vladimir Putin's corrupt and violent regime.

Disgusted at the blatant arrogance of one man, his bandit regime, and their attempts to take Ukraine apart piece by piece, the Fuck U Putin community was born.


Fuck U Putin is a cottage-industry project aimed at helping establish a Ukraine without Putin, his greed, his malice, or his aggression.


Fuck U Putin is more than just sentiment: it is a stand against oppression, tyranny, despotism, injustice, and the brutality suffered at the hands of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and everywhere. All of our items – bracelets, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and cups – are created with love, hope and determination for a better future. We here at FUP stand behind the Ukrainian Army in their resolve to create and maintain a strong and united country, and it is for this reason, a portion of EVERY purchase is donated to the Ukrainian Army.


FUP Items

Bracelets 50 UAH
T-shirts 200 UAH
Bumper Stickers 25 UAH
Cups 125 UAH

* Prices do not include delivery. Within Ukraine, items will be mailed via Nova Poshta. Outiside of Ukraine, items will be shipped via UkrPoshta.

Worldwide support for FUP